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At EruditeRoyal Academy, we offer you a time-tested and cost effective process that enables a quick admission and smooth immigration process. Our expertise extends to guiding you through every step of your admission process. From the choice of universities, to applying with discretion to guiding you through immigration procedures. The best news is that this service from EruditeRoyal Academy is affordable. As an aspiring International student, you would go through three main stages:

Step 1
The Pre-application Process - Making Your Choice
We begin by examining your objective in term of your specialisation and career goals based on the information we match your needs with the options offered by various universities across the globe. At this point, counsellors work with you to zero in on a choice of universities that offer courses ideally suit your requirement and resources.

Step 2
The Application Process; Securing Your Admission
Having chosen the appropriate university, it becomes essential for you to match its curriculum with your academic ambition. At this stage, our counsellors are on stand-by to advise you on courses of preparation. In fact, the Application Procedure involves an element of prioritising & scheduling.

Step 3
The Immigration stage; Becoming an International Student

Congratulations! You have secured your admission. And, You have just begun. You now need to get started on processing your papers for the third stage: the immigration procedure. After admission, this is the most crucial (and delicate) stage. Based on the information that you provide, the government of the country you are heading provides you with a visa.

At EruditeRoyal Academy, we get you started on your visa formalities helping you to gather your papers. Having crossed your visa procedures it is now time to prepare the journey ahead. At this point EruditeRoyal Academy is at hand to advise you on the key procedures. In specific cases we even ensure that your accommodation is booked and even the airport pickups are provided.

Having left Nigeria for your journey shows you have become part of the selected group of EruditeRoyal Academy 600 students who have gone on to chart their futures in todays global economy. And, before you know it, you are an International Student, with a world of academic opportunity ahead of You.

Just like you, we also believe that there is nothing more important than helping our students fulfill their dreams of a successful career in higher studies abroad. Right from the filling up of the admission form, preparing financial and other relevant documents to conducting mock interviews and applying for visa. Our counselors give individual attention to all these crucial tasks of admission procedure and visa application. We remain updated with the latest visa requirement and immigration policies.

Our counselors have substantial experience that makes admission and visa procedures shorter and successful. With our expert admission and visa team, students preparing for overseas study are able to find place in best international universities and colleges of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, UK, Europe, USA, and many other countries.


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